Our fees

Some trainers are shy about publishing their fees. We aren’t. For Wiltshire clients, they are:


Initial consultation at your home (2 hours)  £150 payable at the time of the consultation.

Simon will talk to you about the issue, meet your dog and demonstrate some first steps to change your dog’s behaviour. (If your dog has severe stranger aggression problems, we will ask you to take some initial steps before our meeting to keep us safe and avoid stress to your dog.)

After the consultation, we’ll follow up with a training plan within a few days.

Subsequent consultations (1 hour)   £80

Simon will discuss progress, what you’ve observed, anything you’ve found difficult, any sticking points. He’ll take you and your dog out for a training session and coach you in your timing and technique. Depending on the nature of the problem, he might recommend bringing along one of our own dogs  (or Nina!) to practice encounters in a controlled environment.

We are always available to give advice by phone or email between consultations or if you have questions in the future.

How many sessions will I need?

This will depend on the problem and your need. For many clients, booking three sessions in quick succession makes sense: you can have intensive coaching in timing and technique until you become confident working with your dog independently. Simon will always discuss this with you at the initial consultation.

You can book a single consult by contacting us


As you might expect, we do offer packages of sessions which is a good way of reducing costs if you know you are going to want or need multiple sessions. Of course, you can always book a single session consult initially. We will offset the cost of a single consult against a package fee if you decide to continue on a formal basis.