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What to expect when you book a dog training and behaviour session with us.


  • We’ll visit you and your dog in your home to talk in detail about what about your dog's behaviour is causing frustration and giving you problems – this initial visit will be 2 hours

  • We’ll outline a training plan to get things on track and demonstrate the techniques you’ll need to practise with your dog

  • Then we’ll follow up with a clear, straightforward training plan for you to follow. 

  • We’ll check back with you on progress and arrange further sessions to reinforce if they’re needed.

    This might involve getting out and about in environments that your dog finds particularly distracting or bringing along one of

    our own dogs or another trainer to replicate situations that are causing you problems (for example, if your dog barks or jumps up at visitors).

Dogs don’t come with English as a second language so good training is all about making it crystal clear what you want and making it pay. If you’re feeling frustrated that your dog doesn’t seem to ‘get it’ or seems to be ignoring you, the chances are one of these elements are out of kilter:

  • Timing – spot on timing with praise or reward to show your dog precisely what behaviour you are asking for.

  • Breaking it down into small steps for more complex behaviours (and what seems simple to us may not be obvious for a dog)

  • Repetition, repetition, repetition: like building muscles in the gym, dog training that sticks means doing the reps so it becomes second nature

Our one-to-one dog training sessions will guide you in how dogs learn and coach you in your timing and technique so that you can continue the progress yourself. You’ll find this not only allows you to address the behaviour problem at hand, but will help you in training your dog in many other skills and different circumstances.

Rescue dog testimonial

" Always friendly, patient , sympathetic and compassionate.....

Simon is always kind, gentle and patient with the dogs and always uses kind methods, which we strongly advocate at our Sanctuary"

Sandra Wynne

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 How much does it cost?

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Board and train

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There's a lot to be said for having Sociable Dog do the training for you. We can come to you on a regular basis to do that or your dog can come to us on their own exclusive board and train holiday