Smart dog training


Congratulations – you’ve got a dog. That makes you officially more likely to be active, sociable, healthier, happier and less stressed. Fabulous, right?

Absolutely. But even dog-loving obsessives like us have to acknowledge that a few little glitches and frustrations can creep into that perfect world.

  • When your dog is having way too much fun to come back when you call.

  • When your dog is so keen to explore that he pulls on the lead like a traction engine.

  • When your dog steals your stuff.

  • When your dog insists on barking at the neighbours or trying to hug everyone he meets.

  • When the local dog-friendly pub or café becomes distinctly less dog friendly when yours arrives.

  • When you find yourself perpetually apologising for your dog's behaviour because he lunges and growls at every dog he meets.

This is where we come in. We’re big believers in the joy that life with a sociable dog brings. That’s why we’ve developed practical, positive, reward-based dog training and behaviour techniques and smart training plans that fit into everyday life to help you banish the frustrations and get on with the good stuff.


Dog training with tennis ball

"Simon is THE person to have on your side...

With Simon you get the whole package… a raft of experience backed up by an ethical science-based approach to training dogs. ....there’s no lecturing, blaming or finger pointing. Just a lovely light touch"


Kerry Sands

So... Where would you like to go with your dog?

How much does it cost?

We don't believe in hiding our prices. So if you would like to see our fees before you make the call....

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Board and train

We now offer an exclusive board and train service.